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William Cook

50 Mile Ultramarathon - Saturday, 1 September 2007 6:00AM


Bib: 535

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Age Group: 30-39

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Country: United States

Time Station Cut off Elev Total
Time in Total
avg (mph)
Elapsed from
last time in
Avg from
last time in
Elapsed from
last time out
Avg from
last time out
Time out Time at AS Miles
to go
Est arrival
Est arrival
last time in
Est arrival
last time out
Base Area: AS#2   8000 5.6                            
Cold Springs: AS#5   7455 14.6                            
Base Area: AS#7   8000 20.0                            
Base Area: AS#9   8000 25.0                            
Base Area: AS#2   8000 30.6                            
Cold Springs: AS#5   7455 39.6                            
Base Area: AS#7   8000 45.0                            
Base Area: FINISH   8000 50.0                            

Unit note: Distances in miles. Speed in mph. Elevation in feet.


Estimated arrival notes: (all are time of day in 24 hour time)